Thinking About Buying a Geiger Counter?

Thinking of Purchasing a Geiger Counter?

By Nan

From my perspective there are 3 and *ONLY 3*  geiger counters  that we should be recommending at this point: the Inspector (Alert and Exp), the Mazur PRM 9000 (*not* the PRM 8000) and the Soeks. That is it - no others have passed the test of time, reliability and accuracy. I strongly urge each and every one of you to be clear with folks about this when they consider ordering a geiger.

The only other ones that I would  say are even reasonably okay are the ones made byAtomic Dave (provided that you order one with the more sensitive pancake geiger mueller tube), and the Gamma Scout made in Germany - this is the one that Bionerd runs (check her channel on YouTube if you are interested). No one that we know has a Gamma Scout so anyone who buys one will be a lonely soul for a while - it's always nice to know folks with the same geiger counter to ask questions and compare notes with.

My personal order of preference is as follows (someone else might rank these differently but the Inspectors and Mazur PRM 9000 are without a doubt the most state-of-the-art geiger counters currently available).  

1. Inspector EXP and Inspector Alert
2. Mazur 9000
3. Soeks
4. Atomic Dave's pancake geiger mueller tube models
5. Gamma Scout

The Inspectors, Mazur PRM 9000 and Atomic Dave's geiger counters are made in the US (in TN, CO and CA respectively). 

The Soeks is made in Russia. 

The Gamma Scout is made in Germany.

I strongly recommend that *no one consider another brand or make of geiger counter* as your 1st geiger. 

Here are the manufacturers websites:

Atomic Dave's email: