02/28/14, Taos, NM., Inspector Alert Average 70 CPM

100 minute timed total count = 6979, for an average of 70 CPM.

location: Taos, NM, about 65 miles north of LANL, inside a studio apt in a 100+ year old adobe building with tile on floors, windowsills, counters and shower / bath area (tile has elevated radiation levels) . meter located about 2 ft off the floor on a wood table that i have been testing on for 2 months. nearly all readings have averaged between 69-72 CPM in this location.

elevation: 7,000 ft
bedrock: uranium containing bedrock w relatively high radon progeny present. about 10 miles north of Taos, in Arroyo Hondo, there is (naturally occurring) uranium in wells - a big problem!
meter: inspector alert.