03/07/14, Billings, MT., Inspector Alert Average 46 CPM

8 hour overnight in BDRM, meter on wood chest about 1 foot away from closed window, bedroom door open.
..23.33 total counts, 48 CPM/.143 µSv/hr, 12:30-8:30AM [MST] [interior]
Immediately I took the meter outside and placed it on a glass topped 24" high table, concrete slab patio, 26°F, cloudy and calm.
..2787 total counts, 46 CPM/.137 µSv/hr, 8:30-9:30AM [outside]
Back inside for 3rd test,
..2489 total counts, 41 CPM/.122 µSv/hr 9:30-10:30AM [interior]